Blackpink Notebook For Cute Blink Fans Notepad

If you're interested in the details of a Blackpink Notebook, here's a typical outline of what you might expect:

    1. Size: A5 size, approximately 148mm x 210mm or 5.8 inches x 8.3 inches.
    2. Cover:
      • Material: Cardstock or paperback cover.
      • Design: Customized Blackpink-themed design featuring images of the K-pop group, their logo, or related artwork.
    3. Binding:
      • Spiral-bound: Metal wire spiral binding that allows the notebook to lay flat and facilitates easy flipping of pages.
      • Perfect-bound: Glued spine for a sleek and professional finish.
    4. Pages:
      • Type: Lined, grid (graph), dotted, or blank pages.
      • Paper Quality: Standard paper quality (typically 70gsm to 100gsm) suitable for writing.
    5. Page Count:
      • Usually contains 50 to 100 sheets (100 to 200 pages), providing ample space for note-taking or journaling.
    6. Additional Features:
      • Elastic Closure Band: A stretchable band to keep the notebook securely closed.
      • Inner Pocket: A pocket inside the cover to store loose papers or cards.
    7. Usage:
      • Suitable for use as a journal, diary, planner, or general-purpose notebook.
      • Ideal for Blackpink fans (BLINKs) or anyone who appreciates K-pop culture.
    8. Printing:
      • Cover Printing: Customized printing with vibrant colors and high-resolution images of Blackpink.
      • Optional Page Printing: Some notebooks may feature themed designs or patterns on the inner pages related to Blackpink.

  • When purchasing a Blackpink-themed A5 notebook, ensure to check the product description for specific details regarding the cover design, binding type, page layout, and additional features. This will help you choose a notebook that meets your preferences and fits your needs as a fan of Blackpink or K-pop.