SM Entertainment responds to concerns after sasaeng fan breaks into NCT Jaehyun's hotel room

SM Entertainment has made it clear that they will not tolerate sasaeng fans who invade the privacy of their artists. The company announced that they will take legal action against those responsible for filming and distributing unauthorized videos that infringe on artist's privacy.

This decision was made in response to an incident involving a sasaeng fan of NCT's Jaehyun, who had secretly filmed and uploaded videos taken in his hotel room. The videos were taken during NCT's recent US schedule in October of 2022 and captured moments when the members were staying at a hotel. Additionally, footage of the members' luggage in a hotel hallway was also released.

The situation escalated when a foreign sasaeng fan managed to steal Jaehyun's hotel room card key and entered the room while it was unoccupied. The fan then uploaded the video to his social media account, causing outrageamong fans and prompting them to report the incident to SM Entertainment.

SM Entertainment has assured fans that they take this matter seriously and will identify the persons responsible for these privacy breaches. They have already begun collecting data on the individual who first uploaded the videos, as well as anyone involved in redistributing them. The company plans to cooperate with the investigative agency to ensure a thorough investigation is conducted.

The label stated, "We'll request investigative agencies to hold thorough investigations with cooperation from local and foreign law firms and website operators."