TOMORROW X TOGETHER's Yeonjun flutters hearts with his extremely tall height when standing next to TWICE's Jihyo on 'Inkigayo'

TOMORROW X TOGETHER's Yeonjun fluttered hearts with his extremely tall height when standing next to TWICE's Jihyo on 'Inkigayo'.

Recently, a photo of TXT's Yeonjun standing next to TWICE's Jihyo circulated online with the title, "Omg, TXT Yeonjun's height...feat. TWICE's Jihyo". The photo was a screenshot taken from the recent broadcast of SBS's 'Inkigayo', where Yeonjun was seen standing right next to Jihyo. While the photo did not seem abnormal in any way, many noticed just how tall Yeonjun was compared to Jihyo, taking many by surprise. 

Netizens who saw the photo commented, "My heart is fluttering", "Yeonjun's proportions are no joke and Jihyo is so pretty", "Both of them are so cute, pretty, and good looking", Yeonjun's visuals and bodily proportions are seriously so pretty", and more.

Take a look at the heart fluttering photos below!