Netizens gush over ITZY Yuna's Barbie doll-like features in her latest Instagram photos

Netizens gushed over ITZY member Yuna's Barbie doll-like features in her latest Instagram photos.


On May 13 KST, one netizen took to an online community forum and created a post titled, "Sigh. Look at Yun'a Instagram. I'm going insane." Here, the netizen included various photos of ITZY'z Yuna, where she was seen making many different poses while taking a mirror selfie. Wearing a navy colored fitted shirt paired with a black belted denim mini skirt, Yuna showed off her slender figure along with her beautiful facial features.


Take a look at Yuna's photos below! 


Netizens commented:

"Her body line is seriously legendary. She's like a Barbie doll."

"She was so cute and pretty when she was 17 years old, but once she became an adult and lost her baby fat, she got so much more beautiful. She has a different vibe from back then."

"Wow, why is she so pretty lately? She's even prettier than during her early debut days."

"She's living her most legendary days."

"She is soo lovely!"

"ITZY, please have a comeback already!"

"God made 'low-rise' bottoms exist just for Yuna specifically."

"Visuals, physique...she lacks nothing."

"She's seriously so frickin' pretty."