K-netizens share their thoughts on the old photo released ahead of SHINee's 15th anniversary

As previously reportedSM Entertainment recently released a photo of all five member of SHINee ahead of the group's 15th anniversary. 

The photo was also posted on a Korean online community along with the ages of the members at the time of debut. 



Onew 21 / Jonghyun 20 / Key & Minho 19 / Taemin 17 years old T_T."


In response, Netizens had a lot to say about the nostalgic photo and their memories surrounding that time. 


"I'm crying T_T I love SHINee."

"Ah, so cute, such babies hahahahahahahahaha Everyone is so young."

"Wow, it's really a picture taken over 10 years ago, but how do they not look out of style? They are so cute."

"I remember going to the fan sign event at that time T_T Everyone was really fresh just like that picture T_T ..."

"It would have been nice if I had liked SHINee since those days, but it's a pity. happy 15th anniversary."

"Jonghyun, are you doing well? I hope you are always happy. ^^"

"Wow, I really felt that Onew was an adult at the time, but now that I see them, they are all babies..."

"Those were good memories. if only I could go back to those days for just one day." 

"It's refreshing haha ​​But how many pictures do they have hidden behind the scenes? Seems cold..."

"They are really babies. By the way, they said it was a small gift, but it really is very really small. Please give us 525 shots more." 

"I know you have a lot more unreleased photos, just release them."