K-netizens say they feel bad for the RIIZE members as they react to Anton's dating rumors

The latest buzz in the K-pop industry is the dating rumors surrounding RIIZE'Anton.

On March 11, various online communities and social media platforms were abuzz after a photo circulated on the web. In the photo, two individuals held hands and walked in the park.

Many Korean netizens assumed that the man in the photo was Anton, given the similarity between the hairstyles and the distinct Louis Vuitton bag he was seen carrying.

While many argued that the photo was too blurry to make conclusions that he is Anton, many claimed that there would be very few people carrying the Louis Vuitton bag.


However, one netizen explained that there were eyewitness accounts of Anton walking around the streets in New Jersey wearing the bag, and witnesses claimed that he wasn't wearing a mask.

Korean netizens commented, "I support Sungchan and Shotaro's unit promotion," "I feel frustrated... Other members all tried so hard... What should I do? But SM probably won't release an official statement, so I can't say anything, but it's just frustrating," "When you succeed at a young age, you won't have that sense of desperation. I thought boy groups would get popular, jeez," "Of course, dating girls would lead to fans leaving but there are going to be fans who shield him. However, it's been less than a year since he debuted + there was a member who left the group because of girl problems + he shared the photo in his private account highlight + there were eyewitness accounts that he proudly walked around the street with that bag + when he went to go get couple rings he didn't even wear a mask and smiled widely. Thought he was crazy," "I feel so bad for Sungchang and Shotaro," "The girlfriend posted that? The girlfriend is thoughtless too," and "People were finding it suspicious that he flew to NY right when he got a break."