Fans are loving the latest autumn vibe teasers for V's digital single 'FRI(END)S'

BTS's V has been diligently rolling out new teaser content for his upcoming digital single 'FRI(END)S.'

On March 11, V revealed a flash video showing snapshots of sneak peeks from the digital single.

Through the quickly changing photos, fans were able to discover the female lead actress posing closely with V.


Korean netizens are highly excited about the upcoming digital single while some fans are jokingly expressing their jealousy for the female actress. Some international fans are joking that the "cube" from IU's music video should go after the actress featured in V's music video.

They commented, "I love the autumn vibe," "I'm so curious about the son," "I love the photos of them together," "Okay, at least I can prepare myself, lol," "It's very Fall vibe," "These photos are so lovely," "I love the teaser, I can't wait for the music video," "The aesthetics are so nice," "I'm so curious about the music video," and "Taehyung looks so nice."