Jimin's 'Like Crazy' and 'FACE' rank as the Most-Streamed 2023 Solo Song & Album by a K-pop Soloist on Melon

The new year has come, and now comprehensive analysis of artists' performances on different music platforms and rankings through the year 2023 are coming up each day. Jimin made his highly anticipated solo debut in March 2023 and registered awe-inspiring results across all the major music charts globally, setting unprecedented records for Korean solo artists that saw him making news headlines all over the globe. As such, he is emerging at the top of numerous of these end-year artist performance analyses and summaries as seen from the case of data compiled from what has been South Korea's largest music streaming and downloading platform for yearsMelon.

Both Jimin's album 'FACE' and his lead single 'Like Crazy' ranked as the most streamed album by a K-pop solo artist in 2023 and most streamed solo song by a K-pop solo artist in 2023 with 254.5 Million streams and 101.7 Million streams, respectively on the platform, showing how well his music was received and appreciated by the Korean public. In fact, the weight carried by this feat can be felt more by considering that Jimin's album was an EP but he still emerged higher than other full-length albums. Overall, 'FACE' ranked 5th among the most streamed 2023 albums while 'Like Crazy' ranked 9th among the most streamed songs in 2023 on the platform.

Earlier in the year, Jimin had registered the biggest 2023 solo song debut by a K-pop act on the platform with 'Set Me Free Pt.2' as of the time of its release [read more here] as well as the biggest 2023 solo album debut with 'FACE' (also at the time of release) which earned him a Melon Hall of Fame 'Million Album' Plaque [read more here]. He has since maintained a steady performance on the platform that kept him at the top among the most streamed albums and solo songs by soloists this year.