Jennie surprises fans with a live performance video of a jazz rendition of 'You & Me'

YG Entertainment has made an announcement on October 11 KST, revealing that they have uploaded a live video of BLACKPINK Jennie's jazz arrangement version of 'You & Me'. The said video has been orchestrated in an eloquent jazz arrangement which adds a whole new vibe to the original performance, thus showcasing Jennie's versatility as an artist.

Featured in this live video is an intimate session where Jennie showcases not only her adept ability to switch between various musical genres but also her unique vocals that can turn any song into a masterpiece. The jazz arrangement serves up a brand-new flavor, re-imagining the song into a more refined and smooth rendition which fans may find fulfilling.

Relishing in this impeccable jazz interpretation of 'You & Me', fans may expect similar spin-offs or renditions of other Blackpink's songs in the future. For the ever-evolving BLACKPINK and Jennie, this seems to be just the starting point of exploring the musical landscape beyond K-pop, sparking excitement among fans worldwide.