BTS' Jimin opens up about solo career and future aspirations in 'Elle Korea'

BTS member Jimin is set to grace the cover of Elle Korea's November issue. The popular South Korean artist exudes an undeniable charm decked out in Tiffany's high-end jewelry. 

Following the captivating photo shoot, Jimin sat down for an interview where he discussed what it felt like to achieve independent success. His recent ventures include a solo album release and partnering with brands as an ambassador. Reflecting on these accomplishments, he said, "I've come to realize how shy I am, but it's been an opportunity to understand the growth I need to nurture within myself for the future. Confidence is built on preparedness."

Regarding his current projects, he shared, "As always, I am steadfastly working on music. My aspiration is to challenge myself within a plethora of genres." The BTS star attested to his desire to evolve as an artist.

Jimin is no stranger to interacting with his fans sincerely, sharing his thoughts about venturing into a solo career through a recent live broadcast. His determination is tangible when he says, "I want to prove that I can excel. I will work hard to become a better singer, so please anticipate future endeavors.

His upcoming birthday on October 13 intrigues many fans. Answering questions about his plans, he says, "Since it's my birthday, I don’t feel obligated to make it special. It's my fans who make it extraordinary. I am always grateful for their support."