ATEEZ's live vocals and Korean cultural elements at Coachella earn praise from netizens

Netizens are showering praise on ATEEZ's performances at the 'Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.'

On an online forum, fans shared their reactions to the group's Coachella debut, marveling at their live vocals and the infusion of traditional Korean cultural elements into their stage presence. ATEEZ took the stage on Friday night (local time), captivating the audience with live band renditions of over seven songs.

Particular attention was given to Jongho's stunning high notes, while members like HongjoongSeonghwa, and Yunho wowed with their adlibs and melodious singing amidst their energetic dance routines.

ATEEZ seized the opportunity to showcase more of their Asian heritage, incorporating traditional fans adorned with 'Hello Coachella' calligraphy and flags depicting the Four Mythical Creatures (Four Symbols) during their performance of "The Real."

LED visuals featuring intricate mother-of-pearl patterns, the ancient Korean folk dance 'Ganggangsullae,' and a mesmerizing lion mask dance performance by members of the Bongsan Mask Dance-Drama Preservation Society further elevated the spectacle.

Netizens' reactions poured in:


"I already knew they were talented, but they blew me away at Coachella."

"This is my first time seeing ATEEZ and I can truly see why Coachella invited them"
"I didn't even need to see the videos to know they'd deliver"

"They never disappoint..."

"Their main vocal is off the charts..."
"I've never been disappointed by ATEEZ's live performances."
"The ARRIBA performance felt like a full-blown musical."

"They have such good energy"

"Honestly, this was expected"

I can't believe they were dancing throughout the whole thing"
"This level of excellence was exactly what I expected from ATEEZ."
"I couldn't believe they maintained that level of energy for so long"
"I loved how dynamic their stage directions and props were. Was not one bit bored throughout their show."