K-netizens react to Sakura's positive review of LE SSERAFIM's Coachella performance

It was previously reported that LE SSERAFIM's Sakura was facing criticism for her comments regarding the group's performance at Coachella

While news of Sakura's comments drew negative reactions from news outlets and netizens, K-netizens on a Korean online community also shared their thoughts on Sakura's response. 

"She's really just living in a field of flowers.

"It's not just Sakura that I'm criticizing. The Korean members of LE SSERAFIM are also not good at it. Sakura doesn't have many parts. I was even more surprised after seeing Hong Eunchae, Huh Yunjin, and Kim Chaewon's performance this time. I used to think the Korean members were good, but their skills were all such a downgrade."

"What are you trying to do if you have no skills?"

"It's a very unique Japanese way of speaking/thinking." 
"Amazing. It's pretty shameless." 

"The skills are where they are because of that kind of mindset." 

"Wow, the thought I had while reading this is that it's a typical Japanese mindset. I saw it a lot in dramas and comics."
"This is kind of absurd. It's been over 10 years since her debut, and at times they used her career as a selling point, but in this case, it's unreasonable to claim that they are rookie idols with only 2 years of experience."
"They need to learn how to accept criticism, not just listen to what one or two people say." 

"It's amazing that there's still next week's performance to watch for.