BLACKPINK's Jennie unravels her chic charismatic charm in 'Vogue Taiwan' pictorial

On March 1, the renowned fashion magazine unveiled the covers and the pictorial of Jennie, where she takes the fashion industry by storm with her stunning visuals and enticing gaze in the pictorials.

As expected for Chanel's global ambassador, Jennie is seen wearing Chanel in the pictorial while fully unraveling her charismatic charm. The pictorial theme is "Crush on Jennie," which perfectly embodies the gripping vibe of the idol.

In the interview that was released along with the pictorial, Jennie shared some of the things about herself. In the question, "Is there a specific thing to do when you go to a certain city?" Jennie shared, "I like to go to places where I can feel the unique atmosphere of that city, such as visiting landmarks or walking in the market. When I was on tour in Europe, I went to Christmas markets in various cities."

She also shared her thoughts on filming the HBO series 'The Idol,' and said, "I believe this will have a positive impact on my life and music work. When I experience some new experiences that I have never had before, I will gain a lot of insights from them. For example, the way of playing with other actors, or the small movements of the body, are far from when they are performing on the stage. These are all new experiences for me, and for an artist, it is a kind of accumulation of experience."

In another question, Jennie was asked how it feels to be an icon in this era and was asked, "Jennie itself is a trend, a fashion. How does it feel to be an icon?" She responded, "It is a very honorable and very grateful thing to be an indicator figure for others. The appearance of clouds that I accidentally discovered one day, or the magazines and people I saw while passing by are all sources of inspiration for me. I recently visited many European cities and saw different buildings and different people, which also gave me great inspiration. It's not a new project yet, but it made me want to take out the film camera that had been dusty for a while."

You can read more of Jennie's interview with Vogue Taiwan on their official website.