Gear Up for TWICE: 8 Iconic TWICE Comeback Moments

TWICE has a great list of discography, and they quickly rose to stardom for some of the catchiest tunes on the market, and with the recent announcement that all the members are gearing up for another comeback, well, fans are on the edge of their seats! So in the meantime, here are eight iconic TWICE comeback moments!

1. "Cry for Me": All ONCEs were eagerly awaiting the day that TWICE would perform "Cry for Me," and when they surprised fans with having their wish come true, well, you can say fans were not disappointed!


2. "More and More": Taking on the chic boho concept, TWICE throws into a land of a tropical vacation, and it was great to see them return back on the stage!

3. "Feel Special": Everything about this comeback was just pure elegance, sophistication, and luxury, beginning with the teasers. Fans were shook at just how beautiful everyone looked, so much so that Nayeon's teaser became all the rage because of her flawless makeup!

4. : Jihyo bombed this comeback, in a lilac top, matching skirt, her short bob, and her stage presence. She really shone and grabbed the attention of many viewers during this comeback!


5. "MOONLIGHT SUNRISE": An entire pre-release track in English. Can it get any better? Continuously time and time again, TWICE never fails to surprise fans with so many different kinds of comebacks!
6. "Touchdown": After making one of the biggest rookie debuts within the world of K-Pop, TWICE was able to perform during their comeback stage with the song "Touchdown," and this really gets you moving to the beat. It's upbeat and full of energy!
7. "I Can't Stop Me": Just the set, the outfit coordination is spot on, the girls look beautiful and flawless as always, and something about this comeback stage just ties in so well together!

8. : Rather than their usual colorful outfits, going with monochrome black gives off a more classic and sexy vibe to their stage! These comeback outfits are simple yet elegant! Sometimes less is more!


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