When BLACKPINK's Jennie calls or texts, actress Oh Na Ra makes sure to show off and announce it to everyone around her

Actress Oh Na Ra made everyone laugh on the latest episode of 'Pinggyego' released on the 'Ddeun Ddeun' YouTube channel.

In the latest episode aired on March 1, the cast of 'Apartment 404' gathered for a casual conversation session. 

On this day, Oh Na Ra began the conversation by asking Jennie, "Can you randomly send me messages?" Then continued to share, "The other day, I was with a lot of people and Jennie sent me a text message. Usually, I would just quietly look at the message. But when she did I yelled out loud, 'Oh, it's Jennie right?'," making everyone laugh.

She went on to ask the others, "You guys don't do that?" and Yang Se Chan responded, "Who? When Jennie contacts me? But she never contacted me." But Jennie refuted, "I did!"

Then Yang Se Chan remembered that she had contacted him before and Jennie responded, "I'm so disappointed (that you forgot)." He went on to say, "I was taking a taxi and when Jennie called, so I can't just pick and say 'Yeah, Jennie!' you know?"