What Korean netizens are saying about LE SSERAFIM's heavy referencing in their album 'EASY'

LE SSERAFIM recently made their comeback with their 3rd mini album 'EASY,' but their extensive use of references in their work has led to criticism, with some even claiming it borders on plagiarism.

Music critic Lee Seung Won from the pop music review magazine IZM shared his thoughts on the group's latest album and explained that there are heavy resemblances between LE SSERAFIM songs and other pop songs.

He explained, "However, the references used for this album, 'EASY', are painfully obvious. The song 'Smart', which boasts a common Afrobeat sound, resembles Doja Cat's 'Woman' both in style and in the melody line."


Other listeners have also noticed that several tracks by LE SSERAFIM feature melodies that are strikingly similar to those from other songs, raising concerns about potential plagiarism.