Upcoming film 'You Will Die in 6 Hours' unveils poster featuring NCT's Jaehyun

Earlier last year, it was reported that NCT's Jaehyun would make his big screen debut. 

According to the report, Jaehyun was cast as the main character in the upcoming mystery thriller film 'You Die In 6 Hours.' On April 29, the new poster featuring Jaehyun was unveiled.

The gripping mystery thriller 'You Will Die In 6 Hours' is adapted from the Japanese novel by Takano Kazuaki. Delving into the lives of characters gripped by the foreboding specter of their own mortality, the film follows their descent into turmoil as they encounter a man gifted with the chilling ability to foresee death.

 Meanwhile, the film 'You Will Die in 6 Hours' will be released later this year.