TWS makes explosive debut, claims top spot on album chart

TWS has burst onto the music scene with an impressive debut, swiftly ascending to the number one position on the album chart. The group has certainly lived up to the anticipation as 'the most eagerly awaited artists of the year.'


According to Hanteo Chart, a reputable site for album sales statistics, TWS's debut mini-album 'Sparkling Blue' achieved remarkable success by selling a whopping 206,240 copies on its release day alone. The album claimed the coveted spot as the 'daily best-selling physical album' as of January 22 KST.

TWS's triumphant journey extends beyond album sales, as their music has made waves on various music charts. Within just an hour of its release, 'Sparkling Blue' saw every track from the album enter Melon's 'Hot 100' chart, a major domestic music platform. The album's title track, "Plot Twist", soared to 26th place on the chart, maintaining its strong position as of 10 a.m. on January 23 KST.


The group's extraordinary momentum is equally evident in their performance on overseas charts. As of January 22, 'Sparkling Blue' successfully secured a spot on iTunes' 'Top Album' chart in 11 different countries and regions. Notably, the album clinched the top spot in Thailand and India while also making its mark in Japan, the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Mexico, and Turkey. Additionally, the title track, "Plot Twist", charted on iTunes' 'Top Song' chart in six countries and regions, with the song "Unplugged Boy" making its presence felt on the same chart in three countries and regions.