TWICE celebrate their bond and friendship in 'One Spark' MV

TWICE would like to celebrate the height of their youth with ONCE in their new album, 'With YOU-th'.

Capturing moments of youth that shine brightest when friends are together, 'With YOU-th' contains a total of 6 tracks. The title track "One Spark" features a chill drum and bass, followed by a gradual build-up of dreamlike synth sounds. It depicts the unwavering passion  of youth with lyrics written by Shim Eun Ji

Also featuring the pre-release English-language single "I Got You", "Rush" with lyrics written by Chaeyoung, "Bloom" with lyrics written by Jungyeon, and "You Get Me" with lyrics written by Dahyun, TWICE's 13th mini album 'With YOU-th' is now available for streaming worldwide.