The reason why aespa's Winter is so popular in Japan...

The reason why aespa's Winter is so popular in Japan...


On a recent online community forum, one netizen posted various photos of aespa's Winter and wrote, "The reason why Winter is so popular in Japan...You can tell just by looking at the preview of Tokyo Dome". In the photos of Winter, her large round eyes, slender shoulders, and bright red lips captivated as she displayed both cute and sexy charms. 

Take a look at Winter's photos below:

Netizens commented:


"This is the complete explanation...she is just Japan's type."


"If you look at the signs that the [concert] fans were holding, they're almost all for Winter"


"She looks so feminine but can also have a boyish image, which I like. I think that the Japanese fans like Winter's dual charms on and off stage.


"I watched the [concert] videos and she looked especially pretty in Japan."


"She looks like a main character from a Japanese c.artoon"


"How can she be so pretty?"