The K-Pop industry enters a period of mourning as fellow artists postpone events + content in light of the passing of ASTRO member Moonbin

The K-Pop industry will be entering an unspoken period of mourning for the time being, in light of the unfortunate passing of the late ASTRO member Moonbin.


First, music programs such as the April 20 broadcast of Mnet's 'M! Countdown' and KBS2's 'Music Bank' will proceed as planned, but with a calmer tone. Both broadcasts will send out a message of condolence, and performing artists will be asked to wear black if possible. Events such as "On the way to 'Music Bank'", which invites the media, press, and fans to greet artists on their way to record 'Music Bank', will be cancelled. 

Additionally, K-Pop artists currently carrying out comeback or debut teaser content, such as iKONXdinary HeroesXikers, and the newly debuting boy group The Wind have announced the postponement of various teasers for the next few days.