'The Astronaut' by #Jin reaches 200 million streams on Spotify

Jin's song 'The Astronaut' soars to new heights surpassing 200 Million streams on Spotify!


In a remarkable achievement, Jin's captivating song 'The Astronaut' has reached another milestone by surpassing 200 million streams on Spotify. It showcases his talent and also demonstrates the deep connection that fans around the globe have forged with his music.

Since its release, 'The Astronaut' has been a voyage of emotions for listeners, taking them on a journey through ethereal melodies and poignant lyrics. Jin's ability to craft a heartfelt narrative with his soul-stirring voice has left a huge impact on listeners, resonating with fans from all around the world.

Despite not having the big playlist reach, 'The Astronaut' debuted with an astonishing 5.6M streams on October 29. It was the highest debut number for a solo artist at that period of time. It also keeps gaining more than half a million streams on a daily basis.