Stray Kids hits new milestones with YouTube views and global chart rankings

The group Stray Kids has once again proven themselves to be the leading representatives of the 4th generation male idols through numbers. They have successfully increased their number of '100 million view music videos' on the global video platform YouTube to 14. Among the 4th generation male idol groups, this number is unrivaled, setting a new record.

The 14th music video by Stray Kids to reach 100 million views on YouTube is for the song "Spider Web." It is included in their mini album "ODDINARY" released in 2022, which also contains the mega-hit song "MANIAC" that has surpassed 230 million views. This album also holds special significance for Stray Kids as it helped them make their first appearance on Billboard's main chart, the Billboard 200.


Among the 14 videos that have reached 100 million views, the highest record is "God's Menu," with an impressive 450 million views. Released in 2020, it is widely known as the song that established Stray Kids' group identity.

In the realm of 4th generation male idols, Stray Kids are essentially showing a 'solo run' system, and there is also interest in whether they can break the records of TWICE, a group under the same management, JYP Entertainment. TWICE, the top global group marking their 10th debut anniversary this year, holds '24' music video clips with 100 million views on YouTube.


Stray Kids, who have established themselves as the leading 'record makers' of K-pop, have been showing off their 'overwhelming top tier' status this year with a variety of impressive numbers. 

Recently, they made headlines by achieving 3rd place on the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) Global Artist Chart, including 2nd and 9th places on the Global Album Chart with two albums charting simultaneously. Moreover, on the annual Billboard 'Top 100 K-pop Artists' list, all members entered the top 10, drawing attention.

After a short break at the beginning of the year, Stray Kids is set to resume activities with a large-scale fan meeting in Seoul, South Korea, at the end of this month. The event, fitting for Stray Kids' stature, will be held at the KSPO DOME from the 29th to the 31st for three days, and tickets were sold out immediately upon release.