Stray Kids' Felix surpasses 18M Instagram followers, sets new record for 4th generation K-pop artists

Stray Kids' member Felix has achieved a remarkable milestone on social media, surpassing 18 million followers on Instagram. Since joining the platform in August last year, Felix's follower count has seen a meteoric rise, solidifying his position as the most followed 4th generation K-pop artist.


Felix's Instagram feed has become a hub for fans worldwide, where he shares captivating glimpses of his life and personality. From behind-the-scenes moments to everyday snapshots, Felix connects with fans and this engagement has significantly contributed to his growing follower base.

The group's social media presence reflects their overall popularity and influence in the K-pop scene. Stray Kids' official YouTube channel boasts over 15.9 million subscribers, nearing the milestone of 16 million. Their content, ranging from music videos to behind-the-scenes footage, resonates with fans, driving continuous growth in their online community.


Meanwhile, Stray Kids is set to headline prestigious music festivals this summer. From 'I-Days' in Milan, Italy, to 'BST Hyde Park' in London, England, and 'Lollapalooza Chicago' in the USA, fans can anticipate electrifying performances as the group showcases their signature energy on stage.