Some BLACKPINK fans express dissatisfaction with how 'Dior' uploaded photos of figure skater Kim Yuna first, before Jisoo

Some BLACKPINK fans expressed dissatisfaction with the order in which 'Dior Beauty' posted photos of figure skater Kim Yuna and BLACKPINK's Jisoo.

On May 28 KST, 'Dior Beauty' posted photos from their pop-up store event held in Seongsu-dong, Seoul. Global ambassadors Kim Yuna, Jisoo, 2PM's Junho, NewJeans' Haerin, and actor Jung Hae In were present at this event. Shortly after, 'Dior Beauty' uploaded a photo of Kim Yuna first, before posting a photo of Jisoo afterward. This order in which 'Dior Beauty' decided to upload the photos greatly upset Jisoo's fans, who stated that it doesn't make sense that Jisoo, a global ambassador for 'Dior', should be treated as secondary to Kim Yuna. In particular, overseas fans posted comments such as, "Why did Jisoo, the major global ambassador, get uploaded second?", "Please respect the global ambassador", and more.


However, Kim Yuna's fans defended this decision by stating that the former Olympic figure skater was the first ever South Korean to become a 'Dior' global ambassador. In response, Kim Yuna's fans also pointed out that Kim Yuna is also a global influencer, leaving comments like, "Queen Yuna." They also criticized Jisoo's fans by saying that their response to this issue was over-the-top.

Amidst the growing tension between Jisoo's fans and Kim Yuna's fans, 'Dior Beauty' drew attention by posting three consecutive videos and photos of Jisoo on May 29 KST shortly after the incident.