SM Entertainment's rookie development team leader unveils pre-debut photos of RIIZE and NCT's new team

The K-pop online community has been set abuzz as the team leader of SM Entertainment's rookie development division has recently unveiled some never-before-seen pre-debut photos of RIZE and the upcoming NCT's new team.

The unveiling of these pre-debut photos has ignited a wave of excitement among fans in a popular online community, providing them with a rare glimpse into a facet that would have otherwise remained shrouded in mystery.

Korean netizens commented. "Wow cute," "Wonbin definitely looks better with lighter makeup," "This is so crazy," "Wonbin gives a different vibe with short hair," "Sohee looks so much better here," "I thought Wonbin was another person," "I want to see Eunseok's singing video," "Please release more photos," "Wow, their visuals were crazy," and "Wow this is dope, Wonbin's short hair is crazy...and Sohee's hair is so nice."