SHINee's Taemin leaves a personal message to fans following the news of his departure from SM Entertainment

SHINee's Taemin shared his candid thoughts about leaving SM Entertainment after 16 years.

On March 6, Taemin left a message to his fan through the fan communication app Bubble. He shared, "Were you surprised by the sudden article release? I didn't want to cause any concerns so I wanted to inform you guys carefully but things turned out like this."

He continued to write, "I think I will be embarking on a new journey soon. To be honest, I'm still cautious about saying these things at this time, but I don't think it would be right to stay silent to all those who cherish and love me." He added, "I've been contemplating since last year and decided to leave the company after talking with the members too."


Taemin also shared, "I am thankful to everyone who has helped me so far. I'll still see them here and there. I also want to thank those who trust in my decision and support me."


The singer also stated, "I will always be Lee Taemin wherever I am and will always be. We've been together for a long time. I believe there will be better things coming and I will make sure it does. As a member of SHINee and as Taemin, I ask for your continued support in the future."

Earlier, it was reported that SHINee members Taemin and Onew have decided not to renew their contracts with SM Entertainment. SM Entertainment announced that the two members would continue their group activities with SM but would not be renewing their contracts for individual activities.

Following the news of Taemin's departure from SM Entertainment, there has also been news that he is signing with Big Planet Made, raising concerns.