SEVENTEEN's S.Coups donates 50 million won for abandoned animals

On the 11th, 'Angels' Nest' expressed their gratitude, saying, 'We are sincerely thankful for the good deed of S.Coups. Thanks to his warm support, our animals will be able to spend the cold winter warmly and healthily.'

'Angels' Nest' is a private shelter for abandoned dogs and cats, operated with support and volunteer activities from individuals and organizations from all walks of life. Starting as a shelter without euthanasia, it currently protects about 200 dogs and cats. It is a non-profit organization working towards creating a society that integrates the industry, culture, and welfare of pets, focusing on the protection and awareness of abandoned animals.


The donation made by S.Coups will be used for the medical treatments and surgeries of the animals living in the 'Angels' Nest' shelter.


S.Coups has shown exceptional interest in animal love. He donated 30 million won in September to the animal rescue organization WEACT for dogs rescued from breeding facilities and even named some of the rescued puppies. Earlier in February, he continued his charitable efforts, including donating 20 million won as a relief fund for the Turkey and Syria earthquake disaster through the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association.