Seventeen's Joshua faces continued malicious comments amid dating rumors

 Joshua, a member of the popular group Seventeen, has found himself embroiled in dating rumors recently. While Joshua has yet to make a statement regarding these rumors, malicious comments continue to plague the social media account of the woman presumed to be involved

In recent days, a situation on social media involving influencer A, who has been at the center of dating speculations with Joshua, has gained widespread attention in online communities.


A quick look at A's social media account reveals a barrage of malicious comments, including ridicule, insults, and personal attacks from various netizens, including those suspected to be Seventeen fans. In addition to comments related to Joshua, the comment section is filled with extremely hurtful remarks targeting A's appearance and even allegations of plastic surgery.

The dating rumors involving Joshua first surfaced back in August. Speculations began when fans noticed that Joshua and A were wearing what appeared to be matching items. Rumors of their romantic involvement, as well as cohabitation, spread like wildfire across online communities. However, Pledis Entertainment neither confirmed nor denied these rumors and did not release any official statement on the matter.

The prolonged silence from Joshua's side only fueled more speculation among fans. Some fans became increasingly frustrated, especially after reports surfaced claiming that A had attended a Seventeen concert in a guest seat. This revelation left some fans feeling deceived. On one hand, some fans argued that Joshua's personal life should be respected, while others contended that it was unacceptable for the relationship to be so publicly displayed during what was meant to be an event for fans.

In response to Joshua's silence, some fans even took their frustration to the next level by organizing protests in front of HYBE headquarters, sending trucks, and even Porsche cars. This has triggered a divide among fans, with some sympathizing with their fellow fans' sentiments and others expressing concern that these actions have gone too far. The controversy surrounding Joshua's dating rumors and the subsequent malicious comments against A are expected to continue as the situation develops.