Seventeen's Jeonghan & Jun dish on the pride they feel toward their group + comeback album hints for 'Elle'

Seventeen's visual-team members Jeonghan and Jun were featured on a digital cover edition of 'Elle' magazine for May!


For this pictorial, Jeonghan and Jun focused on accentuating the sensibilities hidden within the smaller details. During their interview which followed the shoot, the two members were first asked to dish out some details on their comeback album. 

Jeonghan said, "No matter what the results, it is an album that I am proud of, because we made sure to create an album that we could feel confident about." Jun added on, "Of all of Seventeen's choreographies, this one is the hardest. It's so hard that I have a hard time getting through the full song." 


Next, the two Seventeen members commented on their group's upcoming 8th anniversary. Jun remarked, "Back in the day, we said that we hoped to become idols who would go down in the history books. Bow, the thirteen of us are actually writing our own history while staying together for 8 years. The Carats are of course a part of hour history. So we will continue to do our best."


Jeonghan, referring to Seventeen's unwavering teamwork, commented, "Just recently, the members and I all promised that at least once a month, we would all get together for a meal. We need that kind of time to ourselves if we are to go on telling people around us that we are friends who are more like long-lost family."


Jeonghan and Jun's full pictorial and interview for the digital edition of 'Elle' will be available via the magazine's official website beginning on April 17.