Seventeen look back on their journey and growth during a special address at the '13th UNESCO Youth Forum'


Amid enthusiastic cheers, the K-pop group Seventeen entered the main hall of the UNESCO Paris headquarters

The group has been invited to the '13th UNESCO Youth Forum', a part of the continuing 'UNESCO General Conference', to deliver a special address on behalf of today's youth.

During the address, the members each took turns and stepped up to the podium to tell the story of Seventeen. Woozi said, "In the beginning, we weren't able to dream of the kind of success we have achieved thus far. Rather, there were many who looked upon us with contempt, murmuring, 'They are bound to fail'." Mingyu added, "In 2016, when the members and I received our first pay since debut, we purchased a goat as a gift for children in Tanzania. Since 2017, we have continued to make meaningful donations to child support institutions and children's foundations on our debut anniversary. It is because we genuinely wish that no young person of our generation, from any background, will lose their dreams in the face of despair."


Together, Seventeen expressed their commitment to actively promoting the importance of education as UNESCO ambassadors, taking a step forward as the spokespersons of youth. 


The group also performed 5 songs including "God of Music", interacting with their fans also attending the forum.