Seventeen impress with daily chart records of re-release of past albums

Seventeen has achieved extraordinary results with the re-release of their past albums.


On June 27 KST, According to Hanteo Chart, Seventeen's out-of-print albums swept the top ranks from 3rd to 10th along with 1st on the Daily Physical Album Chart. Their second album 'Teen, Age', which was released in November 2017, went straight to #1 on the chart on the day of its re-release. Similarly, the 4th mini album 'Al1', the 10th mini album 'FML', and the 1st repackage album 'Love & Letter', 3rd mini album 'Going Seventeen', 1st album 'Love & Letter', special album 'Director's Cut', 2nd mini album 'Boys Be', and 1st mini album '17 Carat' followed in order

All eight albums that swept the top of the chart, except for the 10th mini album 'FML,' were re-released on June 26 KST. The group has proved their powerful album power by achieving this historical feat of placing all of their out-of-print albums at the top of the Hanteo Chart's Daily Physical Album Chart.