Red Velvet's Joy in talks for drama 'The Year We Turned 29' alongside Kim Hye Yoon AKP STAFF

According to media outlet reports on June 7 KST, Red Velvet's Joy has been offered a role in the new drama 'The Year We Turned 29'.


Based on a popular webtoon series of the same name, 'The Year We Turned 29' tells the stories of three women who share the same name and the same age. Nothing seems to work out well in life for these three women, but they rely on one another and overcome the big and small trials in their paths through friendship.


Joy is currently in talks to take on the role of Cha Woo Ri, a flight attendance with a cold attitude. 


Previously, it was reported that actress Kim Hye Yoon had also been offered a role in 'The Year We Turned 29' as her next potential project after wrapping up her hit series, 'Lovely Runner'. 


Do you want to see Joy and Kim Hye Yoon work together in the new series?