[PHOTOS] Red Velvet party with fans during 'R to V' show in Manila

On May 7, Red Velvet successfully wrapped up their first-ever solo concert in Manila as part of the ongoing 2023 'R to V' world tour.

The girls opened the stage, dressed in pink fairy-like outfits, with the pop dance song "Feel My Rhythm," which was followed by their performance of "Bamboleo" and "LP." Red Velvet also performed their hits including "Psycho," "Red Flavor," "Queendom," "Ice Cream Cake," and "Russian Roulette."

One of the highlights was when the girls had a rave party with their fans, ReVeluvs, as they performed the fan-favorite song "Zimzalabim" during the encore. It was an enjoyable experience for everyone as the crowd fully immersed themselves in the performance. Everyone was singing along to the catchy chorus, jumping up and down, and overall having a great time at the show.


Before the show concluded, Red Velvet gave their messages to everyone who attended the concert.

Check out some photos below!