OnlyOneOf 'seOul drift' at night in comeback MV

In the MV, OnlyOneOf make their way through a neon city at night. "seOul drift" is the title song of the group's new mini album 'seOul cOllectiOn', and "the engine of the song starts with a car exhaust sound-synthesizer line and races forward."

Along with the MV, the group shared the message, "OnlyOneOf always sings about loneliness and pain or the stories of those whose love isn’t blessed. We often simply brush them off as something minor, but they are stories that someone should caress and embrace. OnlyOneOf hopes that there will be unknown gods’ blessings in these difficult steps being taken, and that there will be blessings from our fans whom we appreciate and whose names you may not know."

Watch OnlyOneOf's "seOul drift" MV above, and let us know what you think in the comments below.