NewJeans member Hyein's cryptic post raises eyebrows amid HYBE-ADOR conflict

In the midst of the escalating tensions between HYBE and its associated label ADOR, a recent social media post by NewJeans member Hyein has sparked curiosity, seemingly lending support to CEO Min Hee Jin amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding ILLIT's alleged resemblance to New Jeans.


Shared on March 25 KST on NewJeans' fan community, the post featured several photos, including one of Hyein lying face down with the words "stop copying" written in small letters.


Of particular note is the timing of the post, coinciding with the debut of ILLIT, another group under HYBE's label Belift Lab, with their song "Magnetic" from the album 'SUPER REAL ME'. Although initially overlooked, the post has gained attention as CEO Min Hee Jin has been vocal about ILLIT's perceived similarities to New Jeans, branding them as copycats.

Interpretations of Hyein's message vary, with some suggesting it was directed at ILLIT and others speculating it was aimed at Haerin, who wore similar attire. As the conflict between HYBE and CEO Min Hee Jin escalates, the stance of NewJeans in the dispute remains uncertain.


While NewJeans members have historically shared a strong bond with CEO Min Hee Jin, the recent post has sparked debate about their allegiances. CEO Min Hee Jin has consistently shown solidarity with NewJeans members, but the ambiguity of Hyein's post has added complexity to the situation.