NewJeans' Hyein spotted using crutches to recover from injury

Hyein has been spotted using crutches.


On an online forum, netizens discussed a recently surfaced photo of the NewJeans member on crutches as she recovers from a microfracture injury on the top of her foot. The injury occurred during practice, and Hyein is currently sitting out promotions to undergo steady treatment.

In the circulating photo, Hyein is seen relying on crutches, surrounded by people. According to fan accounts, the photo was taken at Hyein's church.

Netizens sent their well-wishes for Hyein's recovery and reacted with concern and support:


"Don't get hurt, please, Hyein...I hope you're not in pain. It's really painful just to simply walk after getting rid of your cast...I hope she rests enough before resuming promotions"
"Baby T_T please feel better soon"
"Omg... I hope she recovers well"

"Someone from her church uploaded the photo but said they will take it down if there are any issues"

"It looks like she was injured more seriously than I thought"

"Please don't wear crocs with an injured foot, Hyein! It's dangerous"

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