NewJeans' Hanni stuns in chic Gucci pictorial for W Korea

W Korea, a prominent fashion magazine, unveiled the cover of Vol.2 featuring NewJeans' Hanni alongside the Italian luxury brand Gucci through its official SNS on January 16 KST. As a global ambassador for Gucci, Hanni exudes a unique and chic aura in this captivating photoshoot.


This particular pictorial holds special significance as it was personally captured by Creative Director Hiroshi Fujiwara. Hanni's fresh face and captivating expressions, expertly framed by Hiroshi Fujiwara, renowned as the godfather of Japanese street fashion, radiate an intriguing allure.

In an accompanying interview conducted alongside the photoshoot, Hanni shared her thoughts, saying, "I had various experiences last year, but performing on the Lollapalooza stage was particularly remarkable and hard to put into words. Since then, all the members' attitudes towards performing on stage have undergone a significant transformation. I've always enjoyed being on stage, but this moment gave me the opportunity to have even more fun."


She went on to express her gratitude, acknowledging, "These days, I genuinely feel that none of this would have been possible without the support of many people. I'm continually thankful, and I'm determined to reciprocate the love I've received. Although I do experience moments of self-imposed pressure due to my tendency to worry, I've now decided to approach things with a lighter heart, thinking, 'Let's give it a shot and face it.' This will be my mindset as I move forward in 2024."