NewJeans breaks records as longest-running K-Pop girl group on U.S. Billboard chart AKP STAFF

Girl group NewJeans has achieved a remarkable feat by tying the record for the longest-running presence on the U.S. Billboard main album chart.

In the most recent U.S. Billboard chart, dated January 27 and released on January 23, NewJeans secured the 197th position for their second EP, 'Get Up.' This EP initially debuted at number 1 on August 5 and maintained its position on the chart for an impressive 26 consecutive weeks.


This achievement solidifies NewJeans' status as the longest-running 4th generation K-pop group on the Billboard 200 chart. Remarkably, they have also equaled the record for the longest-running presence on the chart by any K-pop girl group in history, achieving this milestone just a year and a half after their debut.


Their title track, "Super Shy", from the 'Get Up' EP, has continued to perform exceptionally well on global charts. The song is currently ranked 79th in the 'Global (excluding the US)' chart and 121st in the 'Global 200,' maintaining its position for 28 consecutive weeks. Another title track from the EP, "ETA", also secured the 154th position in the 'Global (excluding the US)' chart.

Notably, NewJeans' previous hits continue to resonate with audiences as well. The smash hit "Ditto", which was one of the biggest songs of 2023, has charted at 184th in the 'Global 200' and 94th in the 'Global (excluding the United States)' chart, remaining on the charts for a total of 57 weeks. "OMG" has also secured positions, ranking 93rd and 179th in the 'Global (excluding the United States)' and 'Global 200' charts, respectively.