Netizens react to TWICE Jihyo and Yun Sung Bin's dating rumor

Netizens are reacting to Jihyo and Yun Sung Bin's unexpected dating rumor.


On online forums, netizens are reacting to the exclusive reports from SWAY claiming that the TWICE member and the retired South Korean Olympic skeleton athlete may be in a relationship. According to the rumors, the two crossed paths through mutual connections and have formed a strong bond over their shared interests in fitness and exercise.

A significant portion of netizens who caught wind of the news are expressing sentiments such as "they make a great pair" and noting Jihyo's apparent "consistency in her choice of men," drawing comparisons between Yun Sung Bin and Kang Daniel, whom she dated for over a year until 2020

While neither of their agencies has officially addressed the reports, netizens are eagerly speculating on the validity of the rumors, with many extending congratulations to the suspected couple regardless.

Reactions include:

"Wow, Jihyo's taste seems to be consistent..."
"If this turns out to be true, it's like Jihyo's got a timeless preference."
"Haha, imagine the folks at JYP Entertainment scrambling to respond to Monday morning calls"

"OMG Jihyo's type is so consistent..."
"If this is true, then Jihyo's preferences are evergreen"

"Lol, are these reporters working overtime at wee hours in the morning? Of course the people at JYP Entertainment would be asleep right now lol"

"They look so good together!"
"Do they look alike? Their chin shapes seem similar."

"I actually like this match..."
"Another 'I Live Alone' couple!"
"Will people start to threaten that they will leave the fandom now TT"

If this is true then I'm all for it"
"Whoa they look good together"
"Jihyo's type is so consistent...."
"Did not expect this but if it's true, I hope they are happy"

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