Netizens are both laughing and crying at BTS V's attempt to have a caricature made in Paris

On June 15, BTS's V updated fans on his Instagram story, sharing moments from his time in Paris, France. 


The star, who recently went blonde, went to get his caricature made from an street artist, and made a point to unveil the final result with a short clip, all the while wearing a quizzical expression. 



Netizens responded with mixed reactions to V's cute visuals in real life, and his funny visuals in the caricature piece, commenting:


"What is wrong with the drawing kekekeke."
"Look at his doll-like visuals in real life, and then look at that drawing kekekeke."
"No one would look at that drawing and think of BTS's V kekekeke."
"Okay but when did V get younger TT."
"Excuse me Mr. Artist... that's not V at all kekekekeke."
"V is so handsome the artist tried so hard to make him look like a normal person kekekeke."
"Mr. Artist turned our doll V into Bongshik (an old-fashioned name) kekekeke."
"Who cares about the drawing just look at his face and that blonde hair!!"
"He looks like some prince out on the streets undercover kekekeke."
"I don't get why he had to do that to his lips kekekeke."
"Our teddy bear got all excited and then the result is this kekekekeke.