NCT's Doyoung debuts as solo artist with album 'YOUTH' and special live event

NCT's Doyoung is making his debut as a solo artist today (22nd) with his first album 'YOUTH'. Doyoung's first album 'YOUTH' will be fully released on various music sites at 6 PM on April 22nd, and the music video for the title track 'Little Light' can also be simultaneously viewed on the YouTube SMTOWN channel.

The album consists of a total of 10 tracks including the title track 'Little Light', and it expresses the various emotions experienced in the waves of youth through Doyoung's voice and emotions, aiming to resonate deeply with everyone going through their youth.

The title track 'Little Light' features a band sound with an attractive strong guitar riff. It enhances the refreshing charm of the song through powerful yet delicate vocal variations. The lyrics hope to become a beam of light that can empower someone, conveying a meaningful song to everyone who needs encouragement and courage.


The music video for the title track is set in a forest followed by a small light in a night without light, where one finds bright light and hope filled with fireflies. The video's refreshing and fairy-tale-like aesthetic is expected to receive positive reactions.


Additionally, Doyoung is hosting a special live event to celebrate his solo debut at the Banpo Hangang Park Yeouido Island outdoor stage starting at 4:30 PM today. 
This event will be live-streamed through YouTube, TikTok NCT channel, and Weverse NCT 127 channel, allowing fans worldwide to celebrate the release of his first album.

Doyoung's first album 'YOUTH' is also being released as a physical album on April 22nd.