NCT's Chenle tells fans that Taeil's motorcycle accident was caused by the opposite party violating the traffic light

Fellow NCT member Chenle shared an update on Taeil, who was involved in a motorcycle accident earlier this week. 


Previously on August 15 KST, SM Entertainment announced that Taeil would be halting all of his activities temporarily as a result of a motorcycle accident. The idol sustained a fracture in his right thigh, which required surgery

While SM Entertainment refrained from disclosing further information regarding Taeil's accident, his fellow group member Chenle had more details to share with fans. 


Chenle said during a Weibo Live broadcast on August 17 CST, "I had a schedule with Taeil hyung on that day. That's why I heard about his injury before most people. I was really worried. That day, I went to the hair salon to have my hair dyed, and Taeil hyung went home, but on my way to the salon, I got word from Mark. I asked our manager right away what happened. But [Taeil] hyung did not violate any traffic laws. It was someone else who caused the accident without paying attention to the traffic lights."


According to Chenle, Taeil "seemed to be doing okay" when he contacted the injured member a day after his accident

In response, netizens commented, "Why didn't SM clarify this part before? So many people were talking trash about Taeil for no reason because he was riding a motorcycle", "I hope all those malicious commenters who mocked Taeil for riding a motorcycle get sued", "He was a victim in an accident caused by recklessness, so why should he be criticized?", "Dancing is a part of his profession, and he injured his leg TT. Hope he recovers soon", and more