NCT Dream wraps up successful third solo concert with explosive performances

The group NCT DREAM has successfully concluded their third solo concert.

The '2024 NCT DREAM WORLD TOUR ' took place from May 2nd to 4th at the Seoul Gocheok Sky Dome. Serving as the opening performance for NCT DREAM's new world tour, the concert sold out all three sessions, drawing a total of 60,000 attendees and showcasing the explosive popularity and immense ticket power of NCT DREAM.

In line with the performance title 'DREAM()SCAPE', NCT DREAM interpreted the duality of hope and nightmares in dreams with their unique style across a total of 29 songs. 

They flawlessly delivered stages of songs from their new album released in March, including 'Smoothie', 'BOX', 'UNKNOWN', and 'Breathing', as well as iconic tracks like 'ISTJ', 'Candy', 'We Go Up', and 'GO', spanning various genres and once again proving themselves as the "kings of performance".


NCT DREAM heated up the atmosphere with magnificent band arrangements and choreography in 'Broken Melodies' and 'Hello Future', as well as dazzling performances like 'Skateboard'. 

From the refreshing charm of 'Dive Into You', 'Blue Wave', and 'ANL' to the sentimental vibes of 'Like We Just Met', they painted the Gocheok Dome with a different dimension of performance throughout the three-hour runtime.

This concert, meticulously crafted to reflect NCT DREAM's musical narrative, featured seamlessly connected elements such as setlists, stage production, and VCRs. The stage design, including a large cube LED stage measuring 15m by 15m, symbolizing NCT's official fan light, and a 7-shaped protruding road connecting the main stage and the protruding stage, immersed the audience even more deeply. 

For the final song, the members personally chose a fragrance to spray, leaving behind unforgettable memories.The audience, who filled the seats for all three days, showered the concert with explosive cheers and sang along to every song, sparing no effort to make NCT DREAM's stage shine even brighter.


On the last day of the performance, they organized a slogan event, deeply moving the members.

The members expressed their gratitude and aspirations, stating, "Those who helped us realize our dreams are our CZENIES. Now, we hope to become your dream and shine brightly together. We always consider the fans as the most important presence that brightens up our performances, and for three days, CZENIES shone the brightest. We are always grateful for your immense love and support, and after successfully completing the world tour, we will return to this place once again." 


Additionally, NCT DREAM announced encore concert dates, with plans to conclude the tour with an encore concert at the Seoul Gocheok Sky Dome from November 29th to December 1st.

NCT DREAM will hold the '2024 NCT DREAM WORLD TOUR in JAPAN' at the Kyocera Dome Osaka on May 11th and 12th.