National Tax Service collects from Park Na Rae after a special tax investigation

According to media reports on December 26th, Park Na Rae was investigated by the Seoul Regional Tax Office at the end of last year and was charged millions of won in taxes. It is understood that the investigation was not a regular tax investigation but an irregular (special) tax investigation.

Unlike regular tax investigations, special tax investigations are conducted without prior notice. The tax authorities usually investigate an individual or corporation in advance to determine whether they have omitted income or incurred improper expenses. 


Park Na Rae's agency JDB Entertainment confirmed that she was investigated by the National Tax Service and paid back taxes, but emphasized that was not for tax evasion purposes.

"We only paid additional taxes because there was a difference of opinion on the interpretation of the tax law during the settlement process between the tax authorities and tax advisors," said the agency. 


Many netizens reacted that the tax authorities should have put their resources into collecting from the high-income tax delinquents, which are people who did not pay their taxes for more than a year and whose back taxes are more than 200 million won, rather than investigating celebrities who have already paid their taxes like Park Na Rae.