MONSTA X's Jooheon causes laughter as he converts his fellow army officers into Monbebes

Don't ever doubt MONSTA X member Jooheon's idol powers, Monbebes.


Even while he's serving in the ROK army, he's converting fellow officers from his base into his fans!

You can just tell by these photos from Jooheon's time in the army that he's systematically training his platoon members on how to perfect cute K-Pop idol poses:

K-netizens commented in response,


"Jooheon, I don't think that's what you were sent there to do lol."
"He's doing well in the military I see kekekekeke."
"Why are they all doing the Monbebe sign kekekekeke."
"Even the sky behind them looks too blue for it to be real life kekekekeke."
"Even in the army, Jooheon can't hold back his aegyo kekekekeke."
"Jooheon always makes me laugh kekekekeke."
"He looks like a baby with that happy smile kekekekeke."