MONSTA X's Hyungwon pens a letter to fans, announcing his mandatory enlistment

On October 20 KST, MONSTA X member Hyungwon delivered news of his mandatory military enlistment with a handwritten letter, dedicated to fans.


The idol wrote,

Hello, Monbebe!
This feels like the strangest letter I have ever written.
I will enlist for my mandatory military service on November 14. 
Because I have been preparing myself while watching the other members enlist one by one, I feel more relief than disappointment. 
I'm not worried about me, but about Monbebe. 
I mean, I worry about Monbebe whenever there's a cold wind, so it's not too out of the ordinary but I guess I could say that my goal is to come back as a strong and reliable person who, by then, can block any wind that tries to blow toward Monbebe.
It was all because Monbebe helped me grow into the person I am today that I feel I can endure this short time apart without concern, and so I want to make sure to say thank you for that.
Thank you so much, and I love you so much.
I'm going to try my best to become someone who can repay you much more for your love.
For that, though, I need Monbebe to be healthy and well while I'm gone, okay? It would make me happy if you could.
Oh, it turns out, my returning date is May 13. 
Just thinking about meeting Monbebe the day after makes me giddy.
Let's greet one another with a smile on that day!
Love you, Monbebe!
Hyungwon will soon be the fifth member of MONSTA X to begin his mandatory military service duties. His basic training will begin on November 14, after which he plans on carrying out the remainder of his service as an active duty soldier. Hyungwon's enlistment location will be kept private in order to prevent chaos at the site where many civilians and their families will also be in attendance.