MAMAMOO's Solar releases a "comeback presentation" for her 2nd mini album "COLOURS"

MAMAMOO's leader Solar continues to tease her long-awaited solo comeback with her second mini album, "COLOURS," with the release of the comeback breakdown presentation for her album.

The idol stated that all of the songs in her album will present diversity of different sides to a person and their charms. Especially since every track on the album is set to be a different genre, coming together in one album to showcase one's individuality and diversity in themselves.

The first track on the album, "COLOURS," will be a house music EDM-inspired track that shows one's "cool kid" side—not caring about what others say and simply being oneself every day. Solar also mentioned that the track will have a secret music video to be released later, with the teaser MV already being released, titled "Glam Silver."

The idol also stated that the title track "But I" will be a rock, band sound inspired song leaning into the rock genre. Mentioning that for the MV's ending of the track, there will be a dramatic ending that will leave everyone speechless. The track "Empty" will be a pop genre ballad, while the track "Honey Honey" will lean heavily into r&b. 

For the track "Easy Peasy," the idol clarified that the listeners can expect a folk genre track, while the song "Blues" will be a blues genre type track. Check out the idol's album comeback breakdown above for more information about each track and its meaning. 


Solar's 2nd mini album 'Colours' will be released on April 30 at 6 pm KST.


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