MAMAMOO's Solar displays her wild visuals in new concept photos for the title track "But I"

MAMAMOO's leader Solar continues to tease her long-awaited solo comeback with her second mini album, "COLOURS," with the release of the 1srt concept photos for her tittle track "But I".


In the first set of pictures for the title track, the idol continues the wild yet heart-wrenching set of the previous mood sampler. The idol once again can be seen surrounded by the raw, untamed wilderness of the Gobi desert in Mongolia, which sets carriers over the rawness, vulnerability, and isolation seen both in the mood sampler and the first concept photos.


In the newly realized concept photos, the idol can be seen first playing the piano, completely alone in the desert, with the spirit of melancholy and heartache carrying through. This complements the other concept photo released, where the idol can be seen looking into the camera lens while placing a hand on a horse.