MAMAMOO's Solar displays her wild charms in special teaser images for the title track "But I"

MAMAMOO's leader Solar continues to tease her long-awaited solo comeback with her second mini album, "COLOURS," with the release of the Special Teaser images for her title track, "But I."

The powerhouse vocalist continues to tease her long-awaited comeback with the new release of special teaser images that show her wild charms. In the newly released teaser images, the idol can be seen with a microphone in hand, a band behind her, and a band behind her preparing to hit high notes in an isolated desert. 

However the emotions expressed by the idol in both pictures are contradictory. As in one of the images the idol can be seen singing with a sorrowful gaze, looking at past hardships and heartbreaks. While in the other, the idol displays self confidence and determination, raising the microphone above her head. Many to believe the title will be a revenge track, where the idol will be getting revenge on the ones that broke her heart.